Parents speak
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Kesang Menezes
Facilitator, Parenting Matters
(Parent of Karuna & Tarini)

Patasala provided my children with an environment which was nurturing and brought out the best in them. Living in a competitive society, I really wondered whether learning in this way would provide my children with the life skills required to survive and achieve in the real world. It was a discovery to watch the children immerse themselves in learning for the joy of it and not for marks or grades, to challenge themselves because they wanted to and not just to be better than the next person. Patasala gave them self motivation and inner discipline along with a respect and compassion for every other person. My elder daughter just completed her 10th standard ICSE exam and I saw her work hard propelled by an inner motivation that I see in most Patasala students. Being in Patasala gave them a strong academic foundation, but even more than that a belief in themselves which I think will help them achieve whatever they wish to in life.

Dedicated to the Teachers at Patasala
(A poem written for Karuna’s Graduation Day)

Montessori says..
“Every child works toward his own development…”
Can that be true?
My daughter went to
Patasala Montessori School
I thought they were being allowed to do whatever they wanted
Would she ever learn?

At four her friends in other schools were starting to write
She was pounding chana
Then one day I found
Not only could she write
She could write whatever she wanted
And her handwriting was beautiful.

At five my friends were pushing their children into swimming classes
We just splashed around in the pool
Before I knew it she was swimmimg from end to end…self taught.

At six her friends were crazy about reading
Nothing would induce her to pick up a book
“Read to me” she would say
Today, she read while brushing teeth, eating breakfast..
I had to pull the book out of her hands to get her to school.

At seven I went to her teacher to complain about her spellings
Shouldn’t she be made to write them a hundred times?
‘She will improve on her own” her teacher said
“How?” I wondered
Now I see that when she cares about it, her spelling can be perfect!

At eight I was concerned that she never “chose” to bring back any homework
“How would she learn the value of
hard work” I complained
“Any work that is done without love, just imposed on the child is of no value”,
her teacher said
“How can that be? We spend our lives doing things we do not want to do?
Maybe that is the problem with mankind!
Today at nine I see her and her classmates at Patasala
As self disciplined, motivated
They work with dedication and passion on tasks that interest them.

What more could any parent wish for?

Thank you Montessori……
Thank you Patasala……

Sarika & Sumit Bothra
(Parents of Aayushi, Primary, Oleander, 2012-13)

It has been wonderful to be introduced to the Montessori system at Patasala. We have had earlier children from our family in this school. Our daughter Aayushi was a medium for us to have known the school and the system better.
Aayushi has developed a sense of belonging to Patasala and the teachers and non teaching staff as well. She looks forward to being there each morning and most of what she does there is kind of her little secret that she chooses to share with us when she is in a rewarding mood.
Most importantly we did not initially realise how much she had learnt without any pressure on her mind.
We are happy to have had Aayushi attend Patasala Montessori School.

Syed Ali Mujtaba PhD Senior Journalist
(Parents of Syed Ali Ismail)

Patshala Montessori is one of the best schools in Chennai for Primary education. It provides my child the learning experiences through set of activities in a natural way. The school lay emphasis on the holistic development of the child, its environment is excellent, and so is the discipline. We are satisfied with the progress of our Child. – SYEDA & SYED

(Parent of R.Giridharagopalan)

It was only after scrutinizing several schools, I enrolled my son into Patasala when he was 21/2 years old and I am extremely happy for having chosen this school. The Montessori environment helps a lot in personal and intellectual growth. Each work activity taught to the child has its own contribution towards the child growth. Activities like cutting paper, mopping, washing hands are most enjoyed by children as very few of us allow them do these at home.
Also, the system of making the child extend until 2.30PM the next day, he/she turns 4 years make them feel as a big boy and they enjoy staying at school until 2.30PM and to have their lunch along with their peer group.
Mixed age group is another added advantage as children learn to mingle with others easily. Since every child is unique, the Montessori system provides ways to help each one of them use their innate qualities to shine well.
Another aspect that attracted me during the observation session was the individual attention that was being given to every child as the aunty was sitting next to a boy and teaching him which is rare now-a-days.
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