A Typical Day in the Patasala Primary Environment

  • Children start arriving by 8.40 am and are warmly greeted at the gate by the adults.
  • They leave their bags and shoes in an orderly fashion in the designated place.
  • Every child comes with his or her own plan for the day.
  • They choose any activity that has already been presented to them and carry it to their working mats. They work with the activity for as long as they please and on completion return the material to its rightful place.
  • Some children wait for their friends to come before starting work, some work individually, some prefer to watch others doing work, some head for the reading corner and others enjoy helping younger children.
  • The younger children (2½ - 4 years) eat their snacks whenever they are hungry, in a special 'snack corner' within the classroom. The 4 – 6 year olds have their lunch at 12 noon.
  • During the course of the day, the children are invited in small groups by the teacher for group activities like storytelling, picture conversation, singing, and activities around grace and courtesy.
  • In addition, children receive individual presentations from the adult.
  • They continue their activities till 2.30 pm. They then roll up their mats, return the material to its rightful place and leave for home after picking up their bags and wearing their shoes.

  • With all these commonalities, no two children have the same type of day at Patasala!!
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